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The Naysayers

It’s happy hour at your favorite bar downtown where all the young and upwardly mobile hang out. You walk in and quickly find your group of friends. Everyone’s having a good time people watching and sharing anecdotes about the work week. And then suddenly your group of friends grow quiet. You look around, wondering what’s up. And then you see her. She’s a bombshell, stepping out of a little red Lamborghini. Her clothes are expensive, her makeup is flawless and as she tosses the keys to the valet, she tips him handsomely with more twenty dollar bills than you have in your wallet. And then you wonder why your friends are staring at this particular girl. You look to your friends for a clue and one of them nudges you and points to the man now greeting the woman with a warm kiss on the cheek. He’s probably twice her age, but he looks confident, rich and successful. You then hear your friend snort and say the words “sugar daddy” as if it’s an epithet. Your other friends laugh, clearly making fun of the couple. And the couple’s reaction? There isn’t a reaction because they’re above the looks, the comments and the naysayers. They stroll away confident in their relationship and do you know why? It’s because they don’t care about what others say. The masses might criticize them, but what everyone in a sugar relationship knows is that for every negative comment made, it’s just a reflection of someone’s envy for a life they’ll never know.

The world of sugar dating is an exclusive one and those who insult it either don’t understand it or envy it. Either way, below are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with naysayers.

About Sugar Daddies

“He’s too old for her!” “He’s robbing the cradle.” “He should be married, not chasing women.” “Why is she with him?” “He’s not good enough for her.” “How did HE get her?”

These are common statements overheard by sugar daddies around the world. If you’re a sugar daddy, don’t take any of these statements personally. Remember that your relationship with your sugar baby is based on mutually agreed terms. She’s with you because you’re the one she’s chosen to spend her time with. Hence, the naysayers are just voyeurs who wish they had your life.

About Sugar Babies

“Obviously, she only wants him for his money.” “She should be in college.” “She should be with guys her own age.” “She’s too hot to be with him.”

People have an opinion about everything and your relationship with your sugar daddy is also subject to people’s opinions whether solicited or not. The key here is to remember that their opinions do not reflect your reality. You might be a college graduate. You might only date guys who are older than you. You might have not even been interested in a sugar relationship, but found yourself with a man who loves to spoil you anyway. Ultimately, feel confident in the fact that unlike many people, you’re in a relationship with someone who understands and appreciates you for who you are. Unlike others, you did not settle, you asked for the best and won.

Dealing with Friends and Family Who Disapprove

Revealing your sugar baby relationship to family can make for a precarious situation, so proceed with caution. If you choose to reveal that you’re in a non-traditional relationship, deflect any questions regarding monetary or other non-typical gifts that you might give or receive.

Ideally, you would not reveal anything at all. But if you find yourself in a situation where your choices in the dating realm are being critiqued by those you love, just keep reminding yourself that it’s your relationship and not theirs.

Keeping Your Relationship a Secret

This leads to another good point. Sometimes the path of least resistance is to tell no one of your sugar relationship. That’s right: Keep it a secret. Why? Because you’ll experience less grief from people who think they know what a sugar relationship is like, but in actuality have no idea. You can also consider referring to your sugar partner as your boyfriend or girlfriend. For some unknown reason, people feel more comfortable with a mutually beneficial relationship when it has socially acceptable labels.

Growing a “Thick” Skin

Let’s think about the couple in the beginning of this post. They ignored the naysayers because they were confident in their relationship. If you exude confidence, you’ll automatically shut up your naysayers because it gives them less power over you. Do not become confrontational or lose your cool with those that make rude comments. Just remain calm and enjoy the time spent with your sugar partner. Eventually you’ll become accustomed to the looks and glances. And if you overhear something from an envious stranger that makes you cringe, just remember to take it as a compliment if someone goes out of their way to mock you; it just means that they want, but can’t obtain, exactly what you already have.


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