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How to Date Someone Who Has it All: Five Tips for Those Dating Sugar Mamas

Your friends think you’ve hit the jackpot. And you’re inclined to agree with them. Your new sugar mama is everything you’ve always wanted in a significant other. She’s independent, attractive, funny and let’s not forget---she’s loaded. But sometimes you wonder to yourself, what does someone like you have to offer someone like her? After all, you’re just your average Joe, but the woman you’re dating is a jet-setting, Swiss Alps skiing, female version of Richard Branson. In short, she’s no average woman. She’s a woman who has it all. So how do you keep your demi-goddess happy? But most importantly: How can you possibly make this sugar relationship work without developing an inferiority complex? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when dating someone who’s more financially successful than 99% of the population.

Tip 1: She Can Buy Things, But She Can’t Buy an Experience

You might be tempted to spend as much money on her as you possibly can. Girls like that sort of thing...right? Some girls do, but a sugar mama can buy her own gifts, her own fancy cars and her own jewelry. Any expensive gifts you buy her probably wouldn’t come close to the quality or rarity of something she already has.

Instead focus your energy on creating memorable experiences with her. She can’t buy an experience. If you want to do something special for her, make sure it’s a creative idea that is centered around an experience instead of money. Now you might be giving yourself a headache trying to come up with an idea of what to do to impress her, but simply think of her favorite things and go from there. Is she into Star Trek or comics but works too much to enjoy them? Then take her on a surprise trip to Comic-Con. Is she into flowers or herbs? Then arrange for a late night picnic in the botanical gardens. Just be creative and surprise her.

Tip 2: Confidence

It’s okay to admit it: Dating a woman who has it all can be slightly intimidating. Suddenly insecurities that you didn’t even know you had come bubbling to the surface. Well, squash the insecurities and instead focus on being a more confident you. Nothing’s sexier than a man who is comfortable and confident in his own skin. And remember: You have a lot to be confident about. Out of all the men in the world and of all the men she could have, she chose to be with you.

Tip 3: The KISS (keep it simple stupid) Method

Don’t overcomplicate your relationship. There isn’t a surefire way to make a rich woman happy, but there are surefire ways to make MOST women happy, rich or not. Hence, treat her like you would any other woman. She’s special, but she probably gets enough adoration and worship from others and around you she probably just wants to relax and be treated like everyone else. Let her feel as if it’s perfectly okay to be herself around you. Hence, if she wants to spend the night in watching rom-coms on Netflix, make her a big bowl of popcorn and join her. Sometimes she doesn’t need the world at her feet to feel special, she just needs a good man by her side.

Tip 4: Don’t Keep Bringing Up Money or Her Success

This might seem obvious, but it’s an easy mistake to make. It might be a careless comment here or there meant as a joke. You jokingly mention how she’s the cute female version of Bill Gates or when a dignitary comes into town you jokingly ask her if they plan to do lunch. You might think you’re funny, but instead you’re coming across as slightly annoying.

She doesn’t need a constant reminder of her success. She just wants to be treated like an ordinary woman, but in a special way.

Tip 5: Don’t Focus on Your Differences, Focus on Your Commonalities

When you’re in a relationship with someone who has it all, it’s really easy to focus on how different your lifestyles are. You might take public transportation to work. She most likely has a chauffeur. She has a collection of diamonds given to her from her an ancestor who came over on the Mayflower. You’re not even sure who your ancestors are and the only family heirloom you own is your grandfather’s Buick. But you know what? You both might have a goofy sense of humor. And maybe you both are fans of 1990s hip-hop.

Focus on these things. Let them be the groundwork of your relationship. And then slowly build on them, setting a strong foundation for a happy and mutually beneficial sugar relationship.


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