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10 Signs of a Sustainable Sugar Relationship

As a sugar baby, you probably have your share of potential suitors to choose from. And if you have two or three sugar daddies in your life right now, you can definitely count yourself lucky, right? Maybe or maybe not. Everyone knows that quantity does not equal quality. This saying is also true when it comes to sugar daddies. Sometimes it’s better to have one sugar daddy who can go the long haul, than have several sugar daddies who might only play a brief role in your life. But how can you tell which sugar relationship is actually sustainable in the long run? Read on below for a few signs to look for.

1-He spends his money wisely

A sugar daddy who’s always dropping hundreds on the table after dinner or one who has a new pair of Italian hand-made shoes every time you see him might at first seem impressive. But then you start to notice little things like he’s constantly on the phone with his tax attorney or you overhear that he’s behind on his alimony or child support payments.

You don’t want someone like this because not only is his character questionable, but so is his ability to provide for you in the long run. Someone who’s financially responsible pays his bills on time and spends his money wisely. Yes, it’s great to have someone who will spoil you, but he should also be fiscally responsible and only spend within his means.

2-You guys actually like each other

Needless to say, if you genuinely like your sugar daddy then more than likely your relationship will be sustainable. If you feel that your sugar daddy is someone you can share secrets with and someone you can count on, then you’re laying the foundation for a great, mutually beneficial sugar relationship. If you find yourself always laughing in his presence or looking forward to just being around him, then you have all you need for a sustainable connection.

3-You both understand the importance of communication

Do you feel comfortable openly communicating your needs or wants to him? Is your partner open to listening to your concerns and acting on them when the relationship isn’t meeting your expectations or you want something to change? One of the hallmarks of a sustainable relationship is having an open line of communication. If you have this, then well consider yourself lucky to be in a healthy sugar relationship.


A relationship built on mutual respect is a relationship that can stand the test of time. If you respect each other’s time, boundaries and opinions then you’re on the right path. Respect should be paramount in your relationship and if it is, then your sugar relationship should be rather easy to maintain.

5-Give each other space

At first it might seem flattering to get twenty texts and just as many phone calls from your sugar daddy any given day. You might be saying to yourself, “Oh, he’s just really into me.” But honestly, he’s probably just looking to keep tabs on you. In a healthy, sustainable sugar relationship you shouldn’t receive excessive texts or calls. And also any surprise visits should actually be welcomed, such as an impromptu trip to Hawaii. A surprise visit where he just pops up unexpected outside of your classroom is more of a red flag than a sign of undying devotion.

6-Your sugar daddy encourages your dreams and goals

Along the lines of mutual respect, another sign of a sustainable relationship is when you can share your dreams and goals with your sugar daddy. If your sugar daddy actively offers you moral support, helps you become a better version of yourself or offers to be your mentor in your chosen career, then these are all signs of a relationship that can thrive.

7-You share some interests

You don’t both have to like bird watching or going to raves, but having a few shared interests can make a relationship easier. Common interests and values mean less head-butting when it comes to finding activities that make you both happy.

8-Your sugar makes you feel special

What girl doesn’t want to be swept off her feet? More importantly, what girl doesn’t want to feel as if she’s the center of her partner’s life? When your sugar daddy shows that he values you as a person then you know you have a keeper.

9-Being with him is easy

You might have been with guys in the past who gave you headaches just trying to arrange a date. Either they ignored your texts, flaked on you or just randomly disappeared. A sugar relationship that is sustainable will not be a headache to maintain. In fact, a truly healthy sugar relationship should make your life easier not harder.

10-You focus on the positive

Instead of getting hung up on who he isn’t or everything he’s doing wrong---You focus on what makes him special, funny or unique. It’s easy to focus on what makes somebody less than perfect, but if you learn to appreciate the positive, you’ll be able to sustain the relationship over the long term. 
 It’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with your sugar daddy. And it’s a very nice bonus to be in a sugar relationship with someone who understands the importance of nurturing a strong, sustainable bond. If a sustainable sugar relationship is what you want, keep the tips above in mind while traversing the sugar world.


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