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Keeping your Sugar Life Separate from your “Real Life”

The sugar life is never boring. Ask anyone in the sugar world and they’ll tell you that it’s a fun and exciting lifestyle. Part of the excitement associated with the sugar lifestyle comes from the fact that it’s normally a break from your “real life.” Being a sugar parent or sugar baby is like being part of a fantasy world. It can also be compared to being part of an elite club. Many people want to get in and experience it, but only a fortunate few ever do. It feels great to live a fantasy life that most people can only dream of. So great, in fact, that you might be tempted to share deta...

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Why be a Sugar Baby?

If someone told you there was a way to have whatever you wanted, your every wish granted, would you walk away from the opportunity or would you embrace it? Would you allow uncertainty to back you into a corner or would you say bye-bye to mediocrity and a humdrum life to experience something more? Something more fulfilling, more adventurous, more of what you deserve. You’re probably thinking to yourself, what’s the catch? The catch is a no-strings attached relationship with a man willing to spoil you, adore you and treat you with the utmost respect. You’re shaking your head. You’re saying t...

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Why be a Sugar Daddy?

Picture this: It’s 9pm. You’re still in your office because you just wrapped up a conference call that lasted more than three hours. Yeah, you should be ecstatic that the call resulted in a huge victory. You just roped in a big client. A client so big that you might end up being considered for a VP position. But right now the only thing you want to do is relax. You’re tired, mentally drained and physically exhausted. And then she walks in. Your dream girl. And she’s hot. But more than that, she’s perfect. Everything about her is a dream come true: she’s beautiful and smart. Her bod... More

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10 Signs of a Sustainable Sugar Relationship

As a sugar baby, you probably have your share of potential suitors to choose from. And if you have two or three sugar daddies in your life right now, you can definitely count yourself lucky, right? Maybe or maybe not. Everyone knows that quantity does not equal quality. This saying is also true when it comes to sugar daddies. Sometimes it’s better to have one sugar daddy who can go the long haul, than have several sugar daddies who might only play a brief role in your life. But how can you tell which sugar relationship is actually sustainable in the long run? Read on below for a few sig... More

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How to Date Someone Who Has it All: Five Tips for Those Dating Sugar Mamas

Your friends think you’ve hit the jackpot. And you’re inclined to agree with them. Your new sugar mama is everything you’ve always wanted in a significant other. She’s independent, attractive, funny and let’s not forget---she’s loaded. But sometimes you wonder to yourself, what does someone like you have to offer someone like her? After all, you’re just your average Joe, but the woman you’re dating is a jet-setting, Swiss Alps skiing, female version of Richard Branson. In short, she’s no average woman. She’s a woman who has it all. So how do you keep your demi-goddess happy? But most im... More

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The Naysayers

It’s happy hour at your favorite bar downtown where all the young and upwardly mobile hang out. You walk in and quickly find your group of friends. Everyone’s having a good time people watching and sharing anecdotes about the work week. And then suddenly your group of friends grow quiet. You look around, wondering what’s up. And then you see her. She’s a bombshell, stepping out of a little red Lamborghini. Her clothes are expensive, her makeup is flawless and as she tosses the keys to the valet, she tips him handsomely with more twenty dollar bills than you have in your wallet. And then... More